Stunt Performers of Color

Serving the Film and Television Industry

in the United States and Canada

Stunt POC is not a talent agency or booking company. We are a RESOURCE database website created to assist productions, casting and stunt coordinators in finding professional POC that meet their specific needs. With the growing number of stunt professionals in the entertainment field, Stunt POC provides immediate access to talented, skilled POC through one easy to use database.

 In addition, we are NOT the Stunt Police. Our job is NOT to monitor " paint downs " and " wigging " but instead provide listing of skilled, qualified ethic professionals in hopes that the proper STUNT P.O.C. will be casted accordingly to fit the skills needed for a stunt job.

You may ask, " why do we need Stunt POC ? "

Many times Stunt Coordinators, Stunt Peers and Casting, etc. call around to a few stunt people looking for ethnic stunt performers and/or stunt actors to fill a job. Many of us don't know every ethnic stunt performer due to the increase of POC. Therefore, by having THIS resource, Stunt POC can provide immediate exposure to skilled ethnic performers across the nation that can meet their needs.


The ethnic stunt performers and stunt actors in our database have:

( A ) utilized their skills in at least 10 different and legitimate SAG-AFTRA (ACTRA for Canadians)

film or television projects as a performer on a STUNT contract and have met several other requirements set forth for membership 

   OR under SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES we can add a stunt performer to

our database who have less than 10 credits if they have

( B ) utilized their exceptional, specialty skills in a Film or a TV Series where they have

doubled a Lead Actor the entire run of the show and have at least THREE stunt references

from reputable coordinators.


We are constantly updating our database with existing member credits and new skills, as well as approving new members so that we can provide coordinators, productions and casting with the best options possible when looking for the right POC. 

There are some people who asks, " who qualifies as a POC? "

Our answer is simple. POC comes in many colors and shades of skin. Therefore, if ONE of your parents are of ethnic origin and YOU consider yourself an ethic as a result, in addition to being a qualified stunt  performer, then YOU are eligible to submit yourself to be a member of STUNT POC !

Moreover, Stunt POC reserves the RIGHT to decline submissions that

WE feel will shed a negative light on our brand. We also have the right to

terminate membership also as a result of negative cases.

Please check our database weekly for updates, added members and the latest news.

 Thank you!


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