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Aaron Toney - LOS ANGELES - Fight Choreographer - Fight Coordinator

Aaron hails from a background in boxing , gymnastics and martial arts. He has been performing stunts for over 15 years doubling some of the top actors from the last two decades. Aaron has coordinated several shows as either a fight choreographer or a fight coordinator. Some show are " Power Rangers", "Kubo and Two Strings" and "Captain America: Civil War" to name a few. Contact Aaron to request more information.

Art Camacho - LOS ANGELES - Fight Choreographer - Stunt Coordinator

Art has decades of a background in martial arts as a fight choreographer and a coordinator. His choreography is a hybrid method that incorporates elements of several martial arts including Aikido, Jiujutsu, Wing Chun, JKD trapping, footwork, Kali, boxing, Wun Hop Kuen Do (5th degree), animal styles of Kung Fu, Real self defense modified for the screen, boxing, kick-boxing and several  weapons including environmental weapons. He has coordinated shows such as "Treasure Hunter: Legend of the White Witch", " Assassin X" and " Burn Off". Email or Contact Art for more information.

Chris Padilla - ATLANTA - Stunt Coordinator

Chris has an impressive resume as a stuntman. He developed an experience coordinating shows with fight scenes, fire burns and water stunts. He has coordinated several shows such as "Summer '03" and "Only". Contact Chris for more information or to request stunt coordinating clips.

Dante Ha - ATLANTA - Stunt Coordinator

Danta has an impressive stunt background. He has coordinated many shows involving martial arts, weapons such as bow and arrow and motion capture. You can see his work in the shows he coordinated such as "Rhapsody", "The Cardinal Rule" and "Keys to Freedom". ContactDante to request clips and other information. 

Eric VanArsdale - LOS ANGELES - Stunt Coordinator

Eric has an impressive stunt resume. He is not only an action choreographer but proficient behind the Camera and Editor. He has coordinated shows with wire work, fight scenes and driving such as  "Diverted Eden", "Speech & Debate", "Playground" and "Razor Sharp" (Renegade).  Contact Eric to request action clips or more information 

Henry Kingi Jr. - LOS ANGELES - Stunt Coordinator - 2nd Unit Director - Rigger

Performing in over 200 features and television productions, Henry has gained a worldwide experience for coordinating a rigging numerous projects such as "Scorpion", "Grey's Anatomy" to " Extant" to name a few. Being the son of a legendary stuntman, Henry Kingi Sr, Henry Jr. is making a name for himself especially after being a three time Taurus World Stunt Award nominee and making waves as a 2nd Unit Director. He also wrote, directed and produced his first short film called "Redemption" in which he won the Award of Merit for Direction. Email Henry for more information. 

Jalil "Jay" Lynch - LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK - Action Specialist

Jay has been in the business for almost 40 years with over 350 credits in film, television and commercials. Before stunts, he was one of a handful of black professional motocross, BMX and race car drivers placing in every race. His specialty is cars (high speed, side winders, pipe ramps, canons, etc.) and motorcycles. He is always in high demand and is, most of the time, nominated for a World Stunt Award every year. You can email Jay for more information and videos.

Jay Amor - ATLANTA - Stunt Coordinator - Stuntman

Jay has over 3 decades of experience as a stuntman, coordinator and 2nd unit director. You can see his stunt coordinating work in shows like "Columbiana",  "Profane Language" and "Caged No More". Contact Jay for more information and to request footage.

Jeremy Sample - NEW YORK - Stuntman - Stunt Coordinator

Jeremy has amassed over 100 stunt credits and has been involved in countless high-profile projects, including notable movies and TV shows like "Murder", "If Beal Street Could Talk”, “The Breaks”, and  "Master of None". Contact Jeremy to request more information or to obtain footage.

Keith Davis - ATLANTA - Coordinator - Fight Choreographer - Director

Keith has an extensive resume as a stuntman of more than 20 years. He has merged his career as a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer and Director. You can see his work in "Superfly", "The Walking Dead" and "Office Christmas Party".Contact Keith to request clips and other information. 

Larnell has been in the Film and Television industry for over 20 years. He has over 100 credits and is known for working and coordinating from North America to India. He has achieved national and international success and is known for choregraphing some of the most complex and extreme fight scenes to date. His has been nominated in the stunts category for a Screen Actors Guild Award and for an International Film and International Festival Award. You can email Larnell to request more information and action clips.

Lauro Chartrand-DelValle - LOS ANGELES - 2nd Unit Director - Stunt Coordinator - Fight Choreographer

Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director and well rounded performer Lauro Chartrand-DelValle began his career in film and television in 1989. Coming from the martial arts world, he quickly transitioned into the stunt community and the world of action. Lauro is a member of several unions - DGC, SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA, UBCP and he is also a SEVEN TIME Leo award winner in the feature film and television category for BEST STUNT COORDINATION. Lauro maintains his  dual citizenship --- United States and Canada. Email Lauro to request more information.

Linda Jewell - LOS ANGELES - Stunt Coordinator

Linda has been in the business for over 20 years. She coordinator coordinated mostly television shows using her expertise in military/weaponry skills, motorcycles and stunt fighting. Some of her shows include "The Last Ship", "L.A.'s Finest" and an upcoming feature "Sylvie". You can email her for more information,

Luis Benitiz - MIAMI - Stunt/Marine Coordinator - Stunt Water Safety

Luis is an expert in all underwater stunts. He has coordinated many shows and on most he handles all water and marine safety. His additional skills, certifications and equipment include Shark/Gator handler, Rescue Swimmer Instructor, Public Safety Diver Instructor, Swift Water Rescue Instructor, Metro Dade County Ocean Rescue, U.S Coast Guard 100 ton license Captain, (ADCI) Association of Diving Contractors International Certified Commercial Diver & Public Safety Diver (EVOC) Emergency Vehicle Operators Certified and has a mobile trailer with auto/marine/rigging gear/pads. Contact Luis for more information and reel.

Manny Siverio - NEW YORK - Stunt Coordinator - 2nd Unit Director

Manny is a New York based Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman, 2nd Unit Director, Actor & Writer who has been involved in the film business for over 30 years and over 700 credits to his name. He has worked with prominent directors such as Spike Lee, Wes Craven, Steve McQueen, Steven Soderbergh, M. Night Shyamalan, Jim Jarmusch just to name a few. He has several stunt Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations and is a winner of the World Stunt (Taurus) Award. Email Manny for more information.

Mark Hicks - ATLANTA - Stunt Coordinator - Stuntman

Mark has been paralleling his career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator for many decades. He has a background in martial arts and is considered an all-around coordinator. You can see his work in "Saints and Sinners", "Superstition" and "Tales". Contact him for more information or to request clips.

Michael Hilow - LOS ANGELES - Stuntman - Stunt Coordinator

Michael gained his entry into the stunt world as an actor and stuntman. As a stunt coordinator he has a background coordinating fight scenes, horse work and is a great stunt rigger. You can see his coordinating work in "Cabin Fever", "The Architect" and "Where'd You Go Bernadette". Contact Michael for more information and to request footage.

Theo Kypri - ATLANTA - Stunt Coordinator

Theo is a former world class trampoline champion he turned stunt professional in the mid 90’s.  Throughout his career he has stunt doubled Johnny Depp in the "Pirate of Carribeans" movies to "The Rum Diary".  He also doubled Alan Arkin, Omar Sharif, Antonio Banderas and many more.   From vehicle sequences, rigging setups to fight choreography, Theo is now a Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director and has over 200 credits and 25 years in the stunt industry. Emall him directly for more information.

Tony Vella - SAN FRANCISCO / LOS ANGELES - Stunt Coordinator - Rigger

Tony is an experienced Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Actor, and San Francisco native, with nearly 30 years’ experience both on-camera and behind the scenes. His work in both stunt coordinating and on-camera stunts and acting includes a multitude of feature films, television shows, commercials, industrial, and “live” stunt shows. His recent stunt coordinator credits to name a few include “Sorry to Bother You” “Kicks”, the upcoming horror release “Lasso”, a buddy comedy action movie for Netflix with Josh Peck. He is currently stunt coordinating another Netflix Feature for director Joe Robert Cole co-writer of Black Panther titled “All Day and A Night”. Email Tony to request his stunt coordination reel and more.

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