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Sharon Canovas - TORONTO / VANCOUVER - Stuntwoman

5’1"        100 lbs          Overall Size 2/4             34B-25-36           Shoe 6 

Sharon was born in Brazil to her Spaniard father and Brazilian mother. Raised as a tomboy has helped her to become fearless in stunts. Sharon is also fully fluent in English and Portuguese (Brazilian Dialect). Due to her small size, Sharon stunt doubles kids (boys and girls) as well as adults. Sharon is very passionate about film and is always training and developing her skills to become a better performer. Her stunt skills include fire burns, film fighting, ratchets, wire work, swimming, indoor rock climbing, rappelling, ground pounding and stair falls. Sharon is also a trained actor and feels very confident performing dialogue with stunts in front of camera.

Vaia Zaganas - VANCOUVER / LOS ANGELES - Stuntwoman - Actor

5’2"         112lbs           Overall size 2            34B-26-34           Shoe 6

By the age of 6, Vaia built ramps in the street to practice bike and skateboard tricks because she knew she wanted to be a stuntwoman. She has contended in ice skating, gymnastics, track and field, muay thai, jujitsu and mixed martial arts. Vaia is a boxing specialist and has competed all over Canada, the US and Europe as part of the Canadian National team achieving two National titles, being ranked number one in the world as an amateur and holding two world titles as a professional. She transitioned into stunts in 2010 when she was hired to do a near car hit on the feature “The A-TEAM”. Her stunt skills include boxing, martial arts, fights, wire work, ratchets, car hits, stair falls, squibs, decelerator, rappelling, air ram, high falls (up to 30 ft.), firearms and ground pounder She is eligible to work in Canada and the US and is a professional actor. Email her for specific skill footage. 

Megan Hui - VANCOUVER / LOS ANGELES - Stuntwoman - Actor

5'4"           105 lbs            Overall Size 0/2          34A-25-34              Shoe 6

Megan was born and raised in Vancouver.  At the age of 9, she began rhythmic gymnastics and soon became the national silver medalist which qualified her to compete at the 2003 Pan American Games and World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships as part of Team Canada.  After retiring from rhythmic gymnastics, Megan started taking dance lessons while attaining a B.A. in Business from the University of British Columbia. She then moved to Los Angeles, began taking acting classes and booking acting jobs.  She met several performers in the Vancouver stunt community, after the premiere of one of her movies, which lead her to pursuing a career in stunts.  Her additional stunt skills include: martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Kali, FMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Tae kwon do) boxing, and staff spinning.   She is also a professional actor and is comfortable performing dialogue with stunts.

Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez - VANCOUVER - Stuntwoman

5'5"         130 lbs       Overall size 4/5      34B-27-38      Shoe 8

Michelle has a vast background in martial arts, gymnastics, driving, and languages. Fully fluent in English & Spanish Conversational in French & Italian, and currently studying Arabic, she often gets cast in stunt-acting roles where she gets to showcase her various abilities at once. Her diverse background in Martial Arts also lends itself well to her work as a stuntwoman and is often called to do fight sequences for many different shows. However, her skills extend beyond fighting, and include wire work, ratchets, weapons, tactical, fire arms, ground pounding, lo-falls (up to 25'), and motion capture to name a few. An incessant student, she is always training new skills, and always ready to bring her best to every opportunity that presents itself. Her large body of creative work may be seen at the websites below.

Maya Macatumpag - VANCOUVER - Stuntwoman - Stunt Actor

5'6"       130 lbs        Overall size 4        24C-27-35              Shoe 9

At a young age, Maya dreamed of following her mother’s footsteps. Maya is the daughter of Deb Macatumpag who worked as a stunt performer for over 20 years. Maya earned her black belt in mixed martial arts (jits-judo, fma, taekwondo, hapkido). Her first stunt credit was on “Smallville” season 1 working for Alex Green and Tony Morelli at age 5.  As she got older, she focused on dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary) and basketball and entered Acadia University on a basketball scholarship. After college, Maya pursued stunts full time and started back training. Her stunt skills include fighting, wire work and motion capture. Maya is also comfortable with dialogue while performing stunts in front of the camera. 

Rochelle Okoye - VANCOUVER - Stuntwoman - Actor

5'7"           120 lbs         Overall Size 2/4         34B-27-24         Shoe 10

Rochelle began her gymnastics career at the very early age of 2. At 7 years old, her family moved to England where she competed internationally for the Great Britain Gymnastics Team. In 1996, Rochelle became the Great Britain National Gymnastics Champion and retained the title for 3 consecutive years. She was also awarded “The Top Sports Person in England” under the age of 13 category for 2 consecutive years. At the age of 15, her family returned to Canada after learning that she did not meet the age requirement (16 years old) to be a member of their Olympics gymnastics team. Upon her return, Rochelle started training and competing in Amateur and Professional Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Her stunt skills include: tumbling, martial arts / fighting, wire work, weapons, rock climbing, scuba diving/swimming, mini trampoline, parkour/free running, horseback riding and of course, she is a trained actor and is comfortable with dialogue and action in front of the camera.

Sharlene Royer - VANCOUVER / LOS ANGELES - Stuntwoman - Actor - Stunt Coordinator

5'7"       125lbs          Overall 4          34C-25-36        Shoes  8,5

Sharlene is a woman of multiple talents with a decade background of dancing styles and disciplines such as classical, jazz, ballet and theater. Sharlene was discovered by acclaimed stunt coordinator Alan Oliney in 1999 and quickly catapulted to the forefront of the stunt-work scene, From there she trained in films fight, martial arts, boxing, kali ,fire arms, wire work, precision driving, motorcycle riding, dirt biking, horse back ridding (English and western). She now counts herself among the few stunt women capable of combining solid acting talent with stunt work. Going forward she pushed and impressed both Canada and America as a stunt actor stunt double and lately as a stunt coordinator.

Tamiko Brownlee - VANCOUVER - Stuntwoman - Stunt Actor

5'7"         125 lbs         Overall size 4         33B-27-26         Shoe 9

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX to a Canadian Japanese mother and South African father, Tamiko grew up doing taekwondo and participated in various sports. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree from University of Washington, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams in entertainment. Tamiko has earned 3 Screen Actors Guild nominations and 3 Taurus World Stunt Award nominations. Her stunt skills include fighting, weapons (staff, straight sword, katana, guns), ground and pound, motion capture, wire work, ratchets, squibs, high falls (up to 40'), stunt driving (Rick Seaman's Level 1, 2 & 3), BMW M School driving technique (2 day class), Drift 101 private training with Naoki Kobayashi, PADI certified (rescue, dry suit, nitrox & wreck diving), NAUI skin diver certified,  AIDA1 freediving certified, M1 license (owns a Triumph Bonneville 2006), SoCal Supermoto (multiple days), American Supercamp (multiple days), basic handgun 1 & 2 and CA Firearms Safety Certified. Tamiko is also a professional actor and is comfortable with dialogue while performing stunts in front of the camera.

Sylvia Stewart - MONTREAL - Stuntwoman - Stunt Actor

5’8”     140lbs    Oversize 2/4    36B – 28 – 38

Sylvia was involved in intensive gymnastics at an early age. With her love of film and television and her physical talents, it was a fitting transition for Sylvia to take on the stunt world. Her career began in 1997 when stunt coordinator, Jeffrey J Dashnaw approved her first stunt job with a semi-automatic weapon (shoot and fall) on "Soldier of Fortune" TV series. Her current skills include but are not limited to: fights, wire work, ratchets, ground pounding, low falls, and flips. Sylvia is also a trained actress and is comfortable with performing dialogue while doing stunts. She can speak in English and French.

Angelica Lisk-Hann - TORONTO - Stuntwoman - Actor - Stunt Coordinator

5'8.5 "       145lbs       Overall   6/8         38C-28-38             Shoe 9 

Angelica is a 20+ year veteran in the stunt industry. She started out as a high level athlete, gymnast, dirt biker, and olympic hopeful in track and field. She was brought into the stunt world by veteran stunt coordinator Branko Racki  while she was acting in the film “Half Baked ”. Angelica has upwards of 150 stunt credits in Film, Television, Commercial, Mo Cap, 50+ credits as an actor and stunt actor and has most recently started producing. She is also an actor is is comfortable with stunt acting inf front of the camera. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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