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Dex Bell - VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Actor

5’6”        150lbs       Jkt 41S      Pants 32/31      Shirt 16/32           Shoe 10 

Dex started out acting with a theater troop in Canada but always had a love for all things physical coming from a background of playing ice hockey to rugby and almost every other ball sport. When he started booking roles that required a lot of physicality, productions found it hard to get a stunt double which enabled Dex to work directly with coordinators building both loves simultaneously. Soon after, those same coordinators were calling him not just for stunt actor but specifically for stunts so he stepped up his training. From air rams, ratchets, wires, ground hits, adding some Judo, Jujitsu and various weapons handling to motorcycle riding he loves to mix it up. He is dual resident to Canada and US, His reels are on his website.

Lauro Chartrand-DelValle - VANCOUVER - 2nd Unit Director - Stunt Coord - Stunt Performer

5’6"        160 lbs          Shirt  Medium        Pant 32/31      Jkt 40S         Shoe 9

Lauro is a well-rounded stunt performer. He began his career in film and television in 1989. Entering from the martial arts world, he quickly transitioned into the stunt community and the world of action. With 300+ credits and having worked in numerous countries around the world, Lauro is able to handle any action thrown his way. Whether it’s performing behind the wheel, on a horse or motorcycle, there’s not to much he hasn’t done (all expected abilities) He has doubled Danny Trejo, Antonio Banderas, Al Pacino and John Leguizamo to name a few. In addition, he has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild and a Taurus World Stunt Award. Dual Citizenship: US & Canada

Kaveh Ebadi - TORONTO - Stuntman

5'7"     135 lbs          Shirt Small         Pants 30/30 pant       Jkt 38         Shoe 8.5

Ever since Kaveh could remember, he has been an active parkour and martial artist. Winning the fitness award every year in high school, Kaveh wanted to continue improving and expanding on his athletic feats. After one arm pull ups, acrobatics, high parkour jumps and dive rolls, Kaveh started participating at martial arts events sparring with martial artists twice his size and proving to hold his own. Kaveh uses stunts as an outlet to continue his training in a sustainable manner and he's been loving it ever since. His stunt skills include: fighting, parkour, acrobatics, weapons (hanbo, jo staff, knife, kusari, sword), Ninjutsu, rock climbing, swimming, horse riding and jumping

Nobuya Shimamoto - MONTREAL - Stuntman - Actor

5'8"       146 lbs        Shirt  S-M        Pants 30/30        Jkt 38R         Shoe 9

Nobuya is an award-winning actor and a stunt man. Having moved first to the U.S.A. from Japan for a university degree and to test samurai sword skills in american university baseball league, he eventually moved to Montreal, Quebec, following his passion and love (wife and daughter:). He changed careers from being a Japanese business person in New York to a stunt actor in Canada. He has been nominated for both SAG-AFTRA and ACTRA Awards, Gemini Awards and Action on Film Festivals. Due to his strong background in sports and martial arts, he eventually made the transition from being a full time actor to a full time stuntman and he is not stopping. His stunt skills include: fights, acrobatics, weapons/sword and of of course he is comfortable combining stunts with dialogue.

Alex Duong - TORONTO / VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Actor

5'10"      Weight 160 lbs        Shirt Medium          Pants 31/32       Jacket 40         Shoe 9

Alex  is a trained actor, stuntman and boxing trainer based in Toronto. His passion for this art rose when he was just a kid always entertaining his siblings and friends which grew stronger every year. After graduating high school, he took a major decision in his life to pursue a career professionally within the film and television industry. His stunt skills include Martial Arts (Boxing, Tae Kwan do and Judo), High Fall, Basic Tumbling, Parkour, Repelling, Wire Work and Partial Burns. He also bilingual (French and English) and a dual citizen of Canada and France.

Charles Jarman - VANCOUVER - Stunt Actor

5'10"     200 lbs      Shirt Large        Pants 34/32        Jkt  44R        Shoe 12

Charles began his athletic career as a performer in Circus Archaos, a French circus featuring dangerous stunts like chainsaw juggling, fire breathing, wall of death, etc. Therefore, crossing over into the film and television industry as a stunt performer felt like a natural progression. Now,  Stunt Acting is his dream. Originally from the UK, Charles a qualified member of the British Stunt Register with certification in Gymnastics, High Diving, Trampolining, Swimming, Scuba and Martial Arts. Additionally, he has added skills in Motorcycle Stunt Riding, Horse Riding, Car and Truck driving, International Power Boat License, High Falls and Fire Burns.

Joel Labelle - TORONTO - Stuntman - Actor

5'10"        163 lbs           Shirt   Medium      Pants  32/32     Jkt  40R        Shoe 10

Joel started doing stunts in 2011 and since then has acquired many stunt credits on his resume and recurred on numerous American television shows as an actor. Joel was discovered at an acting class by a stunt coordinator who was looking for an ethnic performers to do a bar fight. When asked about his skills beforehand, Joel listed that he was a retired semi-professional Muay Thai fighter (15 + years experience), professional Skydiver (1200 + jumps), Base Jumper (300 + jumps) and also raced cars. His stunt skills include: fighting, driving, wire work and basic parkour (values and transitions). He is also a professional actor and is comfortable with dialogue while performing stunts in front of the camera.

Phi Huynh - TORONTO / VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Stunt Actor

5'10"      172lbs      Shirt Medium     Pants 32/32         Jkt 42R        Shoe 10

Phi graduated from York University with a undergraduate degree in Theatre. He began his action career on live stage performing tricking/stage combat and traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate at the age of 13. Through these performances, he discovered his passion for acting and stunt performing which later transferred over to Film and Television. His stunt skills include: tricking, gymnastics, fight choreography, high falls, firearms handling and weaponry, wire-work and mo-cap experience. Phi is specifically motivated on pushing and creating more doors for Vietnamese, POC & diversity casting in acting and stunt performing. He is fluent in Vietnamese, English and some Japanese.and is a Canadian Citizen and is permitted to work in Vietnam as well. He is a professional actor with numerous credits and is comfortable performing stunts with dialogue.

Trevor Jones - VANCOUVER / TORONTO - Stuntman

5"10"         170 lbs          Shirt Large/XL        Pants 33/33    J    kt 40R      Shoe 12

As a graduate from York University, Trevor received a BSc Physics degree in 1994 & he was a 5 year varsity gymnastics team member.  In 1995, he was hired as the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies mascot from 1995-97.  He transitioned into the film industry as a stunt performer in 1996 doubling Jeremiah Birkett as his first stunt job on "Police Academy" the TV series.  Over the past 23 years, Trevor has acquired stunt skills in martial arts, wire work, fire burns, car & motorcycle driving stunts, high falls, water work, acting, air rams, horseback riding, animal and alien motions and presently earning new skills.  He has also worked as a stunt coordinator since 2011 on various television & film projects. 

George Boutros - VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Stunt Actor

5'11"      170 lbs       Shirt   M/L       Pants 32/32         Jkt  34R          Shoe 10.5

George grew up teaching himself tricking and breakdancing. He solidified his skills in capoeira at the Ache Brazil Academy. As a result, he performed acrobatics, gymnastics, and parkour with a traveling performing group for 10 years along with African dancing in a professional dance troupe and ensemble throughout the country. For 20 years, George has trained in circus and various martial arts including Taekwondo, Kali, Silat, and Kickboxing. Naturally he transitioned into stunts in 2009 through his diverse and extensive background. His stunt skills include film fighting, high falls, weapons (karambit, knife, sticks, swords), wire work, ratchets, stair falls, fire work and decelerators. He is also a trained actor and is comfortable with dialogue in front of the camer

Girvan "Swirv" Bramble - VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Stunt Actor

5'11"      195 lbs     Shirt Large       Pants 34/34         Jkt 46R        Shoe 12.5

Girvan practiced various forms of Martial Arts for over 13 years (Taekwondo, Boxing, Kungfu, MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu). In addition, he also a background in gymnastics, tricking and breakdance for 10 years. He speaks Japanese and Korean fluently as well as some Spanish and Italian.  Girvan's stunt skills include fights, wrecks, squibs, high falls (up to 30ft.), wire work, various weapons, skydiving B Class License, motorcycle (Class M License) and is PADI scuba certified. He holds both a USA and a UK passport as well a Canadian Visa up till November 2020. He is also a trained actor and is comfortable with dialogue in front of the camera

Serje Basi - TORONTO - Stuntman - Stunt Actor

5'11"      175 lbs          Shirt medium        Pants 32/33        Jkt 42R         Shoe 11

Serje has been doing martial arts since he was 19 years old. He also served in the Army Reserves for 2 years as a medic. Growing up, he was always a performer. He transitioned into stunts from acting after he started training with other stunt performers. He hasn't looked back since. His stunt skills include Marital Arts (Muay Thai, Boxing, Jujitsu, Kali and JKD), most weapons, horseback riding (western), scuba certified (up to 100), wrestling and football. He is also a professional actor and is comfortable with dialogue while performing stunts in front of the camera.

Tommy Europe - VANCOUVER - Stuntman - Stunt Actor

6'0"     205 lbs      Shirt Large        Pants 36/33        Jkt  44R        Shoe 12

Tommy began his career as a professional football player. He played for 11 seasons in the CFL/NFL and was a 2-time All-Star and Grey Cup winner. Soon after, he jumped into the fitness & television industry and starred in two television shows, “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” & “Bulging Brides”. As a fitness coach, Tommy was also selected as “Vancouver's Best Personal Trainer” on multiple occasions as well as recently being named as one of "Canada’s Top Fitness Professionals”. In film, Tommy works as a stunt actor which was a natural progression given his athletic abilities & passion of all aspects of film. He has also stunt doubled for a multitude of top actors. Tommy continues to blend all of his passions by being a full-time stunt performer while still continuing to train lead actors to get them ready for their rolls. His stunt skills also include: rachets, fights, MoCap,  falls, stairs falls, wire work / flying, weight training, mountain biking, snowboarding, MMA

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